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The Long Island Business Locator was created to allow merchants to gain much needed exposure throughout our community.  By offering this service, we have brought together the families and businesses who are in need of each other.  The parents and children throughout our sports and business communities will now have an opportunity to relax for a minute from their busy schedules and find businesses that may be running some specials.  The kids may be looking for a coupon for ice cream and mom might want to find a nice place to eat after their CRAZY weekend of sports.

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STOP clipping it's as simple a search and print!
Are you tired of looking through the local pennysavers or newspapers for coupons from your local businesses?. Just get online and search through all the businesses that are offering coupons/specials this week, then print the coupons you want. Itís that easy! Itís the quickest and easiest method of getting a coupon in your hand before shopping. 
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